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. >> after months of drama, the job of embattled sheriff lies in the hands of 11 people, we will tell you what the bored of super dashboard of supervisors is -- board of supervisors are expected to vote. an amounts are coming back -- a's are coming back home for the elimination game, why some
6:01 am
are calling for more seats to be made available at the coliseum. and we may get some light rain, it is time for the second hour of the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, i am pam cook. >> we have the first rain of the season which is on hold, right by drake bay off bodega bay, it looks like it is favoring the coast overall partly cloudy, cool and breezy 60s and 70s, here is sal. southbound 101 marin traffic looks clear all the way down south and also the morning
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commute looks good on westbound 24 heading out to the tunnel. let's go back to the desk. the fate of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi now rests with the board of supervisors. they are expected to vote after months of drama which included an ethics hearing. here is more on what is expected today. tara? >> reporter: well, today board of supervisors will meet and they could decide to subpoena witnesses and we will have to wait and see. the last time sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife eliana lopez was here at city hall was when they decided to oust sheriff ross mirkarimi and that recommendation was presented to the board. mayor ed lee suspended him without pay after he pled guilty. it stemmed from an incident with his wife who suffered a bruised arm as a result.
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it is one of city's more liberal supervisors and some say they want him out. they say it is simply a conflict of the interest. the mayor said that public officials need to be held to a higher standard. now the mayor, may have his own problems to deal with. they say ed lee purge engineered him is -- purge jordan perjuried himself and they say he is seeking his removal. they say it is all a politically charged witch hunt and meanwhile they will take nine of the -- it would take nine of the 11 board of supervisors to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama is
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waking up and we will show you a picture south of market where the president spent the night. traffic around the hotel is restricted right now. the president is expected to fly out of fso at 9:25 this morning and in a speech last night, he said mitt romney's economic plan would be bad for the country. >> i have seen too much pain and struggle to let this country get hit with another top down economics. -- is another round of top down economics. >> a tech round table war 25 supports -- where 25 supporters paid $40,000 each, the president was heard and they
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were there to support president barack obama. >> i want to give all the support i can and i get to see the president. >> protesters also showed up to greet the president. there were protesters against the war and protesters against the crackdown on medical marijuana. in criticizing mitt romney for cutting public funding for public television including sesame street, elmo is now on the run. >> elmo has been seen in a white suburban. he is driving for the border. >> now that comment is being interpreted as a comment to o.j. simpson who fled in a white bronco after his wife was killed. meantime mitt romney is sounding more confident on the campaign trail coming up at
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6:15, the new poll members showing the strong presidential debate and how the obama campaign is fighting back. police continue to search for answers after two people were found shot to death inside a car in west oakland. it happened near 12th street and police received several reports of gunshots in the area. they say the victim's car traveled another block before coming to a stop. so far no arrests have been made. police in oakland are looking nor a man who shot and wounded another man also around 10:00 last night. few details are being released at this time but they do confirm a man was shot in that area. he has been taken to an area hospital and is expected to be okay. it is do or die, they trailed the detroit tigers in the american league series and
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alex savage joins us with more on why the team does not plan to open anymore seats for the game, alex? >> reporter: well the team feels they are meeting most of its demand as far as the playoff series goes and that's why the tarps will stay on. they will not be selling any tickets for the third deck seats and a sellout crowd for 36,000 between the a's and tigers at the coliseum. some fans have been urging them to take tarps off for those that are normally covered. they have collected 10,000 signatures for an online petition asking for more fans to be let inside the game. and at city hall mayor jean quan suggested she is with the fans on this issue.
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>> even though we didn't get extra seats, we will all be there, right? >> yes. >> and we will practice doing this, we saw a lot of white it towels but the yellow ones were classier. and they match our green seats pretty well. >> a's representatives have said they are worrying about opening them up and they have them buying tickets to the game and having lots of empty seats. they will remain covered for the rest of the series and if they do advance to the championship series, they say they will reevaluate at that point. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the san francisco giants are also playing and they play their own must win game. they have been tapped to get the team back on track after they lost the game in san francisco. giants need to win three in a row. they have had the road record
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in the second half of the season but the reds did not loose three games in a row at home the entire regular season. >> they have faith both giants and the as will pull off a miracle. what is going on out there, sal? right now we have some things getting slower ken and pam and we are looking at traffic around the bay area. we are talking about the as, that game we are talking about is at 6:30, the first pitch and we will be covering it and the i am in myths freeway -- and the freeway will be nearby and a lot of people are expected to show up for tonight's game. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is a little bit slow. they turned the metering lights on and that's when the traffic gets better. or gets slower.
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880 southbound, we had a crash near 238, that has been removed. let's go to steve. the system is getting very close. bodega, so far it is the first system of the season. you can see how it has tried. partly cloudy skies and some fog is expected, showers light rain parallels the coast as the system heads south. if it was moving right over us, it would be a whole different story but it is moving in by tonight and late tomorrow giving santa barbara a better opportunity for rain. 50 in antioch and 49 in san jose, second day in a row they
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have gotten below 50s on their temperatures. that system out there is moving it but it is not moving it east, it is moving it east and then southeast and as it drives south it will keep us in line for partly cloudy skies and a possibility of showers but the track of it is so weak, showers are near the coast mainly to the south and some of that wraparound by the sierra needs to be watched. partly cloudy skies, sun and clouds mixed but not very warm. 60s and 70s for temperatures today and i hold these with the possibility of splash and dash showers. breezy and sunny and warmer for the upcoming weekend. state leaders are hoping they bring down gas prices and why some could soon be under investigation. check this out, violated
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online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. . new this morning, a fan got more than what he paid for in sacramento. there he goes at the end of last night's match, a man ran into the crowd and you can see
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he was being heckled when he suddenly turned around and hit a man in the face. that man said he was upset by what happened and he never laid a hand on him. >> if you knew 100% it was that exact person... >> after the altercation the man was removed and met with security, he said his glasses were broken his face was scratched and he is now considering placing charges against him. there are insider attacks in afghanistan. leon panetta said they are doing all they can to stop the attacks but insurgence are dressing in their uniforms and they are still training them. they are concerned about those attacks but they are continuing to train them. allison burns is in our
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washington d.c. newsroom with why it's still difficult for him to beat president barack obama. >> reporter: both candidates will be in ohio today. president barack obama at this point still seems to have the best path to victory which leads in key swing states giving the mitt romney team some encouragement. it shows 4 points among likely voters and -- likely voters. the poll also shows coming out of last week's debate in denver, mitt romney's personal likability has made gains among women voters. >> that was a good debate. >> reporter: but they are bringing out the big guns to fight, using big bird aiming at mitt romney's plan to cut
6:17 am
subsidies. >> the evil genius who towered over them, one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> reporter: reporting live from washington d.c. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. when you pass by the gas station you probably notice gas prices are still high but relief could soon be on the way. prices are averaging 467 per gallon but -- $4.67 per gallon. now that they have approved the winter blend they are hoping it will pump up the supply. now senator barbara boxer has also asked the department of justices gas fraud group to look at whether it was used as an excuse to pump up gas prices. the man accused of stealing
6:18 am
a celebrity car, he is accused of killing two people inside a car and he is accused of stealing a car from a celebrity chef. guns were found in wade's story locker along with other items. one of the winners has a bay area connection. david and sergio is known for their methods for observing tiny particles and not destroying them. he received his behalf lore's -- bachelor's degree from uc berkeley. a letter from einstein challenging god is on the auction block.
6:19 am
in it einstein dismisses the idea of god and he wrote it to a jewish philosopher one year before he died. they are looking at a couple of things this time of day. >> it usually gets filled in now and today i have a feeling it will last the entire morning commute and people are still sneaking into the city and their delays are up 20 - 30 minutes. there was an earlier crash southbound between marina and 238. it is now on the right shoulder causing a big delay and you may see some rubber neckers in the area. there is road work, still north down 101 and 380, if you want to avoid that jam near the airport on 101 use 280 instead.
6:20 am
let's go to steve. we have partly cloudy skies patchy fog and a few very light showers trying to move in very close, not much but we need to take this system right there and move it this way. as it is, we are trying to produce light showers and the season is on hold. otherwise sun and clouds, showers near the coast overall, it is looking like it's going to be a cooler mild forecast for some. 60s and 70s, really not much change. sonoma airport has a mile and a half visibility but our system is more on track to take it towards santa barbara and they do have some rain clouds up near the area and today we favor the coast but it's more clouds than anything else and some of that shower activity
6:21 am
will move south but for us it is a very weak system. they are trying to get it towards the coast and it is of 0s and -- 60s and 70s, not much change, a little warmer for the upcoming weekend, thank you pam. they are now confirming what they forecast sales in china fell sharply. they dropped 49% from a year ago. honda says their sales have fallen by 41%. they were off by 43%. analysts say sales continue to weaken between japan and china continues. the auction is on for the stanley cup champion near where the team plays. experts say the entertainment group should draw higher bids
6:22 am
and they are looking for bids of about $10. now the company operates but does not only the oakland coliseum or oracle arena complex as well. and property owner's controversial display goes way too far. a sky jump has been delayed and we will tell you what is stopping that man from taking that leap from the edge of space. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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rethink possible. . only on 2, it is causing some shock and outrage. the display a long foot hill avenue apparently attacks president barack obama. just a few feet from mitt romney's -- mitt romney's chair you can see a chair with a noose and a sign that reads go back to kenya, you idiot. it is making passers by very uneasy. >> i am a romney fan.
6:26 am
>> blake acknowledged he made that display and declined to talk on camera, but he said the display speaks for itself. happening now a record- breaking sky dive, it is being delayed by wind. now the 43-year-old skydiver was supposed to take off in a 55 story helium balloon. the balloon will take him 55 feet above the earth's surface and fall thousands of feet in hopes of breaking the speed of sound without a vehicle. they are hoping the winds will die down enough for him to continue to take this jump. here is sal. it is getting more crowded and we are looking at 280 getting to highway 17 and it still looks good but there are some areas that are getting
6:27 am
more filled in right here in the sunole grade, but westbound through livermore is still slow and i would use 280 instead. let's go to steve. partly cloudy skies, cool breezy, #0s and 70 -- 60s and 70s, price i this morning, no doubt about it -- breezy this morning no doubt about it and it looks like it is falling apart. it is not a good sign. 60s and 70s today, more show -- than go. we will have more coming up in about 10 minutes, pam. coming up, the wellbeing of children in california is being examined. how bay area scored and what areas need more work. jerry sandusky is in court for sentencing, we will find out why he is trying to fight
6:28 am
his child sexual abuse conviction. and streets remain blocked as president barack obama wakes up in the bay area and we will tell you the message he had for 6,000 supporters yesterday. we take you live to the sound of the opening bell and the sound of closing bell begins a very important season.
6:29 am
6:30 am
. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news live in new york, we have october of course is breast cancer awareness month and there are representatives from the susan g. komen for the secure ringing the opening bell at the nasdaq and of course they are wearing their pink this morning. over on the new are based in indiana and of course today is
6:31 am
a very big day because after the closing bell we start getting earnings reports and the projections are that they are not going to be very good. good morning. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is tuesday october 9th, i am pam cook, time now 6:30. president barack obama is here with several funds raising events and allie rasmus has several traffic warnings, allie? >> reporter: that's right, if you are walking in around around the continental hotel you should not have any problems but if you are driving that will be another story. there are four blocks of streets closed in and around the continental. we are talking howard down to 4th street and that street is almost entirely clear except for the police vehicles out front and also 5th street
6:32 am
between mission all the way down to folsom is closed. these will be closed all morning when the president is scheduled to leave. this is his final visit to the bay area and he has been here four times and has a big following here. he has many people lined up to hear the president speak. some paid as much as $275 a ticket. but there are a few protesters in the same space at pacific plaza. some are unhappy with the federal crackdown on medical marijuana and there were some romney supporters gathered there as well. the poll shows the race is tightening between mitt romney and president barack obama and in his speech he referenced a debate and delivered a lack
6:33 am
luster performance. here is more. >> after the debate i had a bunch of folks come to me saying don't be so polite, don't be so nice... [applauds] >> but i want everybody to understand something, what was being presented was not leadership, that was salesmanship. >> reporter: now the speech is one of several funds raisers the -- fund racers the president attended -- fun racers -- fundraisers the president attended and these roads will be closed to traffic and some say closer to 9:00 we should see the presidential motorcade coming through this area and the president will head to ohio where he is scheduled to speak to a crowd
6:34 am
at the university. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> don't forget, allie, we have more on president barack obama's speech on our website you will find it in the video player right on our front page. mitt romney will also be in ohio after a stop in iowa. he said he is confident he will be the next president of the united states. >> america needs this new direction. we cannot go on the pat we are on, we must restore america's strength and i will do it with your help. >> students started cheering as mitt romney's motorcade passed by. >> and students gathered to honor the life of a hercules woman who was the victim of a brutal attack on friday night. he took place in front of a home where 55-year-old suzanne was beaten and stabbed to
6:35 am
death. people came to honor her and talk about the impact she made in their lives. >> she is just a great person, it is more difficult to speak about her in past tense. >> police are asking for the public's help in minding her car, it is sky blue with idaho license plates. they are joining the effort in an sort of find her killer. coming up at 6:45 we will tell you about a scary thing that happened to a woman on a walking trail. this is not the first time this has happened on that same trail. a oakland police found the boy at 11:00 last night in the area of telegraph. that is more than three miles
6:36 am
away from where he got lost while riding a scooter with his father. police say the boy was not hurt. >> jerry sandusky is in court right now for sentencing on his child abuse conviction. some of the victims plan to address the judge. joining us from pennsylvania, here is some new video of jerry sandusky, good morning. >> reporter: this morning jerry sandusky walked into the courthouse wearing a red prison jumpsuit. he was wearing handcuffs and holding an envelope. he and two of his victims are expected to make statements. last night jerry sandusky spoke from his jail cell insisting he is not guilty. >> reporter: jerry sandusky says he knows in his heart he is innocent. >> they can treat me as a monster but they can't take
6:37 am
away my heart. >> reporter: on the eve of the sentencing hearing he released a statement, he said the case was brought to trial too quickly and accused his victims of conspiring against -- conspiring against him. an attorney called the claims preposterous. >> my client came forward only after there was a knock on the door which led him to a grand jury room. >> reporter: in june he was found guilty of sexually abusing 10 boys over a period of 15 years. it featured testimony which was often emotional and graphic. he with would molest them in places such as his basement or showers and hotels or the athletic facility. he called character witnesses including his wife dottie and people who benefited from his charity the second mile.
6:38 am
they convicted him on 45 of 48 counts. they imposed sanctions against penn state including a 60 million-dollar fine and a four- year bowl ban. and the court ruled whether to designate him as a sexually violent predator. the sentencing will be following and no cameras, no e- mails allowed and jerry sandusky is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison, pam? thank you for the latest on the jerry sandusky case. time now 6:38 matt keller is at the elementary school with a look at the results of a new study by a group called children now. >> reporter: we are at the unified school district which is highly rated rating it 8 out of 10. now a new report released by
6:39 am
children now released some positive news for all children in santa clara county. it tracks all california counties. santa clara county was in the top categories including three that attend preschool and children who had health insurance for an entire year. they are quickly gauges where children are doing well and where more work is needed. now i just spoke with an elementary school teacher who says parents need to partner with schools. >> we can't help them until we look at what they need. we will provide the education part and you provide support... >> they are landing in the top third and only a few in the bottom third. >> reporter: now this playground also illustrates another third, kids rank in the
6:40 am
top third for children who are in a healthy weight zone. matt keller ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is now 6:39 what are you looking at sal? let's first of all go out and take a look at what we have with some of these pictures. the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 80 westbound as you head out to the mcarthur maze getting out to the toll plaza but yesterday we had a lighter than usual day. it is backed up all the way out to the mace and the metering lights are on. we had some road work, now there is a crash. this is all near the airport up to san bruno and if you are
6:41 am
trying to catch a flight, if you want to steer clear i would suggest using 280 instead. we have partly cloudy skies, some very light rain showers off the coast but they just don't have enough strength. the low is there but if we can move it over, we will have our first rain of the season. the first rain comes out of the north and this is not that system. it is falling apart by the lighthouse and moving south. partly sunny skies, partly cloudy, showers near the coast we will favor those. it could clip us but it will be points south. partly cloudy skies partly sunny skies, we start off with 40s and 50s. yet the city is at 58 degrees
6:42 am
and a south wind will be a closer wind to that low. we could give a few light showers, temperatures held down due to the track in fact all the way towards santa barbara and l.a. showers are very close to the coast and they will be very light. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, not much of a change on wednesday and we will have to watch a change sneaking in from east to west but i don't think much is there for us. it looks warmer as we head to the weekend pam and ken. steve, it is do or die, the a's are trying to keep their playoff hopes alive, what a's fans are asking for in tonight's sold out coliseum. we are with the state of
6:43 am
the embattled sheriff, his fate lice in the hands -- lies in the hands of the board of supervisors. we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather coming up. stay tuned.
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6:46 am
. good morning, we have mostly clear to partly cloudy skies, mostly clear to the south a few showers trying to get together off the coast but it looks like they will stay on the coast and go south. here is is a few of the top stories we are following. president barack obama is scheduled to be on howard street and the south of market where he spent the night last night. 6,000 people turned out to see him last night in a fundraiser. and police say two people were found shot to death inside a car near 12th and filbert street last night. they say they saw somebody drive up to the car and open fire. there could soon be relief at the gas pump. the state has approved a winter
6:47 am
blend fuel. the average prices in california this morning is $4.67 per gallon. the suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi could end today. they are live at city hall where supervisors are expected to vote and it might not be the end. tara? >> reporter: that's right, the board of supervisors are supposed to meet and a lot of people are hoping for that. they could subpoena witnesses but we will have to wait and see. the last time everyone was here, eliana lopez was back in august when the ethics commission had voted to oust him. although eliana lopez has been living with the couple's son for now and the recommendation was presented to the board and
6:48 am
how much weight it will carry is anyone's guess. in march they suspended him after the embattled sheriff pled guilty to a false imprisonment charge which telled from a bruised arm. they said they want him out. it is simply a conflict of interest and the mayor said he needs to be held to a higher standard. the board is now reviewing options for delving into allegationings. it includes whether they used something to offer sheriff ross mirkarimi another job as sheriff and whether he was seeking sheriff ross mirkarimi's removal. this whole deal has been a politically charged witch hunt. meanwhile, it would take nine
6:49 am
of the 11 supervisors to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from office and again it will be interesting to see how the bored of dashboard of supervise -- border supervisors vote will help. a woman was attacked by a man with a knife. that attack happened at 6:00 yesterday morning on the delta trail. police say the suspect rode his bike passed the victim and hid in some bushes and attacked her. he was last seen wearing a black leather jacket, black pants black shoes and was riding a blue mountain bike. it is do or die, they trailed the detroit tigers. alex savage is live at the coliseum and he doesn't plan on
6:50 am
opening anymore seats for a game that is sold out. alex? despite all the pressure from fans they will stay on the rest of the division series but the team does not want to make these seats available on the 3rd deck and have fans show up and buy tickets which is why they will not make those receipts available -- seats available. a sellout crowd is expected at the coliseum. some fans are urging the coliseum to take the tarps off of -- tarps off of the seats which are normally covered. they are going on an online petition asking the as to release more tickets. packing more people will poetly improved the home -- potentially improve the home field advantage. they thrive on that home town
6:51 am
crowd. >> man, the as can do some damage. the crowd gets into it and it is kind of intimidating for the opposing team. >> reporter: now they say those will stay covered for the rest of the series however they will decide in the next couple of days what they will do if the as advance to the championship series. by the way, there are still tickets for sale in a potential game four in this series against the tigers if they can stay alive in game 3. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. that is what we are hoping for, meantime, san francisco giants has been tapped to get the team back on track after they lost the first two games of the division series in san francisco. the giants need to win three
6:52 am
games in a row in cincinnati, that city to stay alive. >> i like that better. >> all right, sal, how is traffic? >> well, it is doing okay but it is a little bit crowded. let's take a look at some of these pictures. remember that game, where we talked about the as game. bay bridge toll plaza, that is backed up beyond the 880 crossing and still some traffic approaching fso although they have cleared the road work and it should be getting better hopefully soon. steve? temperatures are little bit chilly for some, we have an overall system trying move in with showers and i just done think they will make it -- i just don't think they will make it. santa cruz coastline seems to be falling apart and it doesn't have enough on the eastern edge of it. if the entire system were to
6:53 am
move over to the bay area, out ahead of that yes. it is 60s at fso. it gives us a southwest wind. it is mild on the coast and for others inland it is cold. fog sun breezy, showers near the coast, i don't think much will happen. overall partly cloudy skies, 60s and 70s, not much of a difference, wednesday clearing there will be rain heading down wednesday and thursday and it does look sunnier by the weekend. a contest does end in tragedy after eating a dozen cockroaches and worms. and we have more information on several affected streets, stay tuned for more. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. ñçbñeally help our schools, vote
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. welcome back, a live look at the big board, s&p 500 down as well, it is really an indication after the closing bell we start into our earnings season. in florida a man died after eating dozens of cockroaches and worms as part of a contest. he was one of a dozen people
6:57 am
competing to win an exotic python. he won but afterwards he began vomiting and he was rushed to a hospital are with he later died. no other contestants were sickened. a meningitis outbreak is a result of contaminated steroid shots. the shots are often used to treat back pain and although there have been no meningitis outbreaks in california eight people died in other states. they are notifying every patient who may have received a contaminated shot. and red light cameras in the city. right now they have 13 cameras to take photos and automatically released some citations. they will vote on expanding that number to 30 and a city report said it can increase it
6:58 am
by as much as $30,000 a month. and on the toll plaza, it is backed up for at least a 25 minute delay. also this morning, we are looking at the peninsular where we had some earlier trouble. you might see a slow down, let's go to steve. a few clouds, overall partly cloudy skies a shower and if it does anything, it will be right along the beaches and other than that it will be in the 60s and 70s. thank you very much. mornings on 2, president barack obama is wake being up here -- waking up here and we will have more on the message he gave to supporters last night. the answers police are hoping to find sometime this morning.
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